Longshore 16
*** This website is under construction. last update 9th Sept 2017 ***


... to the Longshore Owners Association website.

The purpose of this site is to give Longshores an Internet presence. There is no 'official' company website, perhaps because they were manufactured before the days of the world wide web.

These are fantastic boats and owners are enthusiastic. Many owners may be interested to know where other boats are, where they sail, and in other owners' photos and stories. Equally, they may have their own photos and stories that they would like to share.

So, we would love to hear from all Longshore owners. Photos, stories, the history of your boat would be fantatstic (if you wish, your boat could have a dedicated webpage!). It would be great to at least know the sail no, name and location of each boat for inclusion in the 'boats' page.

Details of the designers and manufacturers are also scarce. While Longshore International still exists as an LLP, it does not seem to be actively manufacturing boats and there is very little publically available information. We would be very grateful to hear from anyone involved in Longshore International for the 'manufacturer' page.

Finally, Longshores appear in 'for sale' ads from time to time. Having an up-to-date website that promotes the virtues of these boats and gives a sense of provenence can only help the prospective new owner.